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Long War With Cracked 30 marbro




). They hate us because we keep our freedom and will not be a puppet. We were taught that the world is a dangerous place and if we don't keep our freedom we would be living in a police state, whether or not we were keeping our freedom. Now that the world has embraced freedom we are to be hated. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. We have the right to live as free people. No one has the right to tell us what to do or think. No one has the right to take away our right to vote or our right to bear arms. If you are mad at something, take it up with congress and let them decide for you. Alma Dotson Being proud of our country is also a negative connotation. We are not supposed to be proud of our country. Everyone thinks that they are more patriotic because they are proud of being American, but not everyone is proud of being American. To be proud of America is to want to be a part of something big. We don't have a flag and we don't have an anthem. We don't have a mission statement or a constitution. We are ruled by our own money. We don't need to fear the outside world. We need to fear ourselves and what we do to our own people. Most of the country has adopted the terms like "the lazy one" to describe the people of America. We are to blame. The reason we are lazy is because we don't want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are part of the American Dream, but we don't want to work hard to get ahead. Instead, we want everything handed to us and can be proud of nothing. "To be an American" can also mean to be a foreigner in this country. The idea is not to be proud of America but to be proud of oneself. We don't need the permission of anyone else to live the way we want to live. Everyone wants to be free to do what they want. Hunter Burney I feel it has more to do with the fact that all these generations have had the same fundamental lessons about what America is and what it represents. They are taught from the first grade on that we have rights, that there are bad people in the world, and that we are a country that was founded by white people for white people. So I think that what has changed is the representation of America in the media. I can't speak for every generation, but when I was



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Long War With Cracked 30 marbro

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